About Us


South Australia’s Science Alive! is the largest single interactive science exhibition in Australia. Launched in 2006 as an initiative of the SA Coordinating Committee of National Science Week, it was initially held on a single day, in a modest 2,400 m2 space. Today, it’s held over three full days, spans 17,000 m2 of the Royal Adelaide Showground, and attracts an audience of over 26,000.

Science Alive! brings together the ‘Who’s Who’ of science and technology in South Australia: all three major universities, TAFE SA, and the SA Museum, together with industry leading organisations, a host of community and not for profit groups and a large number of science-related organisations who participate, to raise awareness of their particular part of the world of science.

Science Alive! has a very clear purpose. The event exists to build our community’s awareness of the scope and importance of science and technology, celebrate South Australia’s successes in many of these fields, and inspire future generations of science and technology professionals.

We enjoy a strong ongoing relationship with National Science Week, Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology, which of course shares our goals. Timed one week ahead, Science Alive! serves as a valuable community ‘primer’ for the many official National Science Week events taking place in South Australia.

We’re also proud to say we enjoy extremely positive feedback from our audiences. In short, it’s something our whole state can be proud of.

Event Director: Brian Haddy

Brian Haddy Event director Science Alive

Brian Haddy has been the Event Director of Science Alive! since the inaugural event in 2006. He loves nothing better than ‘organizing stuff’ and has spent almost his entire working life in the non-for-profit sector doing just that. Before taking on the role with Science Alive! Brian was for a time the Deputy General Manager of the former Investigator Science and Technology Centre and he continues to manage the community science organization SciWorld that has carried on The Investigator’s outreach role in schools and the wider community.

Prospective partners, sponsors and exhibitors can get involved in Science Alive! simply by emailing or calling Brian at enquiries@sciencealivesa.org.au or 0413 156 172