Astronomical knowledge and discoveries are progressing at such a rate nowadays that the gap between fantastical science fiction and jaw-dropping scientific reality is virtually non-existent. Solar Sail spacecraft that could travel 1/10th the speed of light? They’re working on it. Human-piloted Mars fly-by? Ditto. Synthesising general relativity and quantum physics to grasp the very origin of the universe? Admittedly that’s still a slippery one. But hey, don’t rule out the possibility of it happening at Science Alive!

  • SciWorld’s Stardomes

    At Science Alive!, crawl inside one of SciWorld’s mobile planetariums and discover the universe around you.Topics covered can include day and night, seasons, stars, planets, solar system, gravity, phases of the moon and…

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  • Mars Society Australia

    The U.S. human spaceflight program is currently adrift. It needs a goal, and that goal should be sending explorers to Mars in our time. In order to help provide such direction and get a real humans to Mars program underway…

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  • Astronomical Society of SA

    To understand the origin of the universe, Einstein’s general relativity is not enough. We need to somehow combine general relativity with quantum mechanics. No one knows how to do this properly, but quantum cosmologists talk about inflation, vacuum energy…

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