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From nano-tubes to haptics to megafauna

Discover the magic of solar power—in a buggy!

Take a seat in an awesome solar-powered buggy built entirely by Flinders students, and learn what makes it tick.

Build a model carbon nano-tube tower

Contribute a ‘molecule’ to a giant model of these remarkable structures, earmarked for everything from building space elevators to delivering medicines.

See life under a microscope

Wonder at a selection of chicken embryos at varying stages of development, and check out many fascinating microorganisms under powerful microscopes.

Experience a modern simulation controller

Ever wondered how heavy a basketball would feel on Mars? Discover the unique sensation of ‘virtually’ playing a game with a Flinders-built haptic device that provides real-time movement and virtual-feedback simulation!

Indulge your inner F1 driver

Give Lewis Hamilton a run for his money as you dance through the chicanes in a replica F1 simulation racer car—body and game both built by Flinders students.

Meet Australia’s ancient megafauna

Get a whole new appreciation for our prehistoric wildlife—including its heritage and modern-day relatives—through a fascinating display of paleontological bones.

Plus, discuss the many STEM-related Flinders degrees—and the careers they lead to—with students and staff.

Dates & Times for this Exhibitor

  • August 5 - 9.00am - 5.00pm
  • August 6 - 9.00am - 5.00pm
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