Curiosity Show


You wanted them. You’ve got them!

Legendary Australian science communicators Professor Rob Morrison and Dr Deane Hutton (The Curiosity Show, 1972-1990) are back again at Science Alive! in 2017, with a brand new bag of tricks and some old favourites.

It’s sure to be standing room only at their four shows across the Science Alive! weekend, as mums and dads introduce a whole new generation of eager young minds to the wonders of hands-on science.

While Rob and Deane mightn’t use state-of-the-art technology in their show—the origins of all their techniques and experiments can be traced back well before the age of computers, tablets and mobile devices—their message is timeless…

Science is simply a way of explaining the awesome world around us. So be curious!

Dates & Times for this Exhibitor

  • August 5 12.00 pm
  • August 5 2.30 pm
  • August 6 12.00 pm
  • August 6 2.30 pm
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