Fascinating Science is 26 exhibits rolled into 32 interactive experiences. Guaranteed to engage and entertain visitors on topics including logic, balance, fluids, illusions and mathematical puzzles. You’ll be able to unlink loops, perform music using milk bottles, build a pyramid puzzle, and learn how to make a pencil appear and then disappear and get rhythm on the brain! If you love exciting your senses, have an inquiring mind and love to solve problems we’d love to see you! Fascinating Science also includes mazes, whilst visual illusions will surprise your visual perception!

Science On The Move is an intriguing exploration of scientific themes including the principles of music and sound, human biology, light, force and motion. With 33 hands-on experiences and investigations that engage the mind and body you can engage with your body to experience science first hand. The exhibit offers exciting activities such as turning yourself into a battery, cranking up a tornado in a bottle, escaping from handcuffs, getting unknotted, catching sounds and seeing the world through coloured filters. If developing your sense of inquiry and you love to test your problem-solving skills we’d love to see you!