Nature & Environment

While many would argue that Mother Nature is the greatest scientist there’s ever been, those who’ve dedicated their lives to solving some of her most tantalising mysteries are no slouches either! The passionate Science Alive! 2017 Nature and Environment exhibitors below are at the forefront of applying science for the preservation and betterment of our natural world—so be sure to make room for them in yours!

  • Environment Protection Authority

    The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is South Australia’s independent environment protection regulator. We protect, restore and enhance the environment through the risk-based regulation of pollution, waste, noise and radiation…

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  • Animals Anonymous

    Come and have a close look at some awesome Australian native animals including a baby crocodile, pythons, a bettong, a squirrel glider, a boobook owl, dragons, geckos, goannas, and much more! Join the mobile team of wildlife demonstrators…

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  • Malacological Society of SA

    The long established Malacological Society of S.A. Inc. has always supported amateurs and scientists alike in the science of studying molluscs and their shells. A large part of this is the activity of beachcombing. Our members have walked South Australian beaches…

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  • Soil Science Australia

    Soil Science Australia is providing hands on soils fun for kids of all ages who like to dig in, get their hands dirty and explore the world beneath their feet. We will have a series of activities where kids can explore the scientific properties of soil and find out what makes it such a wonderful and important resource for life on earth.

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